Sasha Serber
1973 Born in Moldova
1992 Immigrated to Israel
From 2012 presented by Gordon2 Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988-1992 Repin Art College, Kishinev, B.A. in Fine Art and Education
Solo Exhibition
2013 'Antique Collection', Gordon Gallery, Curator : Amon Yariv.
2011 ‘Laborious Object’, Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator : Neta Gal Azmon
2011 'Here lies', Minshar gallery, March 2011, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2011 'Catwoman', solo exhibition, Beit Ha’Omanim, February 2011, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 'Farm in achva', Dresdner gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 'The farm', gallery on the cliff, Netanya, curator: Monica lavi , Israel
2009 'After math', harbes+partner gallery, Vienna
2008 'Nicht Fin Unzara', Tavi Drezdner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2006 'Really nice burn', Ha'Kibutz Israeli Art Gallery, Curator: Yaniv Shapira, , Israel
2004 'Kiryat  Gallery, Tivon, Israel
2003 Kibbutz Rosh Ha'Nikra Gallery, Israel
Group Exhibitions
       Award winning exhibition- Minister of Culture prize, Tel Aviv Museum. 
       International video festival Samples 5th Edition: Telekinesis video shared actions


       Nord-Art International Art Exhibition,Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Germany *
      "hot-cold-liquid-solid", Haifa Museum of Art, Curator: Adi Shelach
      "Partners", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Tal Amitai-Lavi
      "Defective Nature", Vitzo Haifa Academic Centre Gallery, Curator: Anat Gatenio 
     "Queerly Unframed", Video Festival, Berlin
     "The World and its Things in the Middle of Their Intimacy" Friedman Gallery,NY
      “Drawing Camp” #6, Ramla-Contemporary Art Station, Curator: David Wakstein
      “ArTrick”, Israel Museum, Curator: Daniela Shalev
       “Ali Be'er”, Be'er Sheva University.
      “Mas Sfataim”, Hachva Gallery,Curators:Guy Morag Tzipilevich & Anat Cohen
      “Out of Body”, Israel Museum, Curator: Tania Sirakovitch
      “8kube”, Tel Aviv Museum , Curator: Nili Goren
       Opening Exhibition at the MECA, N.J, Curator: David Wakstein *
      “Styrofoam”, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Amon Yariv
       "Summer Exhubition", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
       "About Wood"(?), Haifa Museum, Curator: Adi Shelah
·        ‘Schooling’, Bat Yam Museum, Curators: Tali Tamir, Meir Tati
·        'Execution', Minshar Gallery, curator: Galya Yahav, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
·        International graphic art biennial, dry point, City  Gallery of Uzice, Director: Zoran Cvetic, Uzice, Serbia.
·        'Creativity encouragement award winners exhibition', Gan museum of Contemporary Art, curator: Meir Aharonson, Ramat Gan, Israel
·        'Two years after',Ramat Gan museum of Contemporary Art, curator: Yehudit Matzkel, Februaty 2011, Ramat Gan, Israel
·        'Harbour', Rishon Le'zion city gallery, curator: Yehudit Matzkel, Februaty 2011, Rishon Le'zion, Israel
·        'I am a Rumanian', Be'er Sheva university gallery, curator: Haim Maor, March 2011, Be'er Sheva, Israel
·        Winter exhibition 2010-2011, Gotesman engraving center, Cabri
·        'Video Zone V' – opening event, the fifth Biennale for video-art in Israel
·        'Restart', Tavi gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
·        'Survival', Tavi-Dresdner gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
·        'Other Ego', curator: Dr. Guy Morag Zepelewitz, Kalisher gallery for contemporary art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
·        'The first boulevard', architecture & art exhibition in collaboration with the Tel-Aviv university,  curator: Liron Koren, gallery in the boulevard, Tel-Aviv, Israel
·        'After math', Nicelle Beauchene gallery, New-York
·        'drought tale', curator: Irit Carmon Popper, The farm gallery, Holon, Israel
·         ‘Paint me a hero’, curator: Carmit Blumenzon. Gallery 10 – gallery for Israel art, Beit Michal, Rehovot, Israel
·        ‘In Drawers’, Curator: Dr. Guy Morag Zepelewitz. Kalisher Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
·        ‘Tova Osman Gallery – 30 years’, Beit Ha’Omanim, Tel-Aviv, Israel
·        Ecosphere Festival’, Curator: Dana Tagar Heler, Ein-Hod. , Israel
·        ‘The roaring stuffed animal’, Curator: Yuval Kedar, Beit Shturman, Ein Harod, Israel
·        ‘Compassion and Rage – Images’, Curator: Ronit Yedaya, Minshar Gallery, Tel-Aviv , Israel
·         ‘Post Pop’, Curator: Yuval Caspi, Comics Museum, Holon , Israel
·        'Goddesses and Gladiators', Curator: Maayan Sheleff, The Old City Caesarea Gallery, Israel
·        'Signs of Life: Animating',Curator: Mira Lapidot.  Ticho House, The Israel museum,  Jerusalem, Israel
·        'Blind Spot', Curators: Carmella Jacoby Volk, Einat Manoff.  Petach-Tikva Museum of Art, Israel
·        'Dust, Combustion, Gas' Minshar Gallery of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
·        'Well Done', Ramat Gan museum of Contemporary Art, Ramat Gan, Israel
·        'Force 17', Ramle City Gallery, Ramle, Israel
·        'Passion', Ha'Oman 17, Tel Aviv, Israel
·        'Sweet 16', Bat- Yam, Museum of Art, Bat- Yam , Israel
·        '7 sculptures, Tavi Dresner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
·         'IDF', City Gallery, Ramla, Israel
·         'Shamur Le'bikoret' (Saved for Revision), City Gallery, Ramle, Israel
·        4th International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, F.E.D.E.M, Seixal, Portugal
·        3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, F.E.D.E.M, Seixal, Portugal
·        2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, F.E.D.E.M, Seixal, Portugal
·        Kishinev city gallery, Young Artists exhibition
Art fairs and Conferences
·        'The armory show', New York
·        '17th SOFA Chicago', Chicago
·        “Fresh Paint” #6, Tel-Aviv, Special projects
·        Head of conference, “Reckoning”, Shenkar College.
From 2009 –    Bezalel - Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel - Sculpture Lectures & workshop
2009-2014       Minshar Art School, Tel-Aviv, Israel - Sculpture Lectures & workshop
From 2008 –    Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat-Gan, Israel - Sculpture Lectures & workshop-Art and industrial Design Departments.
2003, 2009      Haifa University, Israel - Sculpture & etching Lectures
2005 – 2006    Oranim Academic College, Israel
2003 – 2006    Kibbutz Artists Workshop, Israel
2004                'Ha'midrasha' School of Art, Beit-berl College, Israel
1999 – 2003    Basis School of Sculpture, Israel
Pinocchio, 2005, Artvision Forum, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Messenger, 2010, the Knesset – the Israel parliament, Jerusalem, Israel
Amon Yariv Collection,Tel aviv,Israel,2011
2014 Minister of Culture prize for fine arts.
2012 Shenkar College -"Year of Art Prize",excellences in pedagogic achievements.
2011 Pollock-Krasner Foundation – scholarship.
2011 Rabinovitz foundation – scholarship for the 'Here lies' exhibition.
2010 'Creativity encouragement award', Israel ministry of culture & sport
2010 Rabinovitz foundation – scholarship for the project 'ruined jaffa house's front', installation.
2009  Mifal Ha’pais – scholarship for the project ‘Leachar micen’, installation.
2009  The Center For Contemporary Art - The Fund for Video-Art and Experimental Cinema in Israel with the support of the Israeli Film Council.
2002  International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, Seixal, Portugal
*with support of the Israeli Foreign Minister
Articles & Reviews
“Immigrated Artist, Personal Thoughts”, Erev-Rav Magazine, February 2015
 Catalog  exhibition :"hot-cold-liquid-solid", Haifa Museum of Art, December 2013
Israeli Artist Association Magazine November 2013
 "The World and its Things in the Middle of Their Intimacy, Friedman Gallery,NY
Harama, Art Magazine, November 2013
Einayim, Quality Magazine For Children, September 2013
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Haaretz, " Air bloom graves", Uzi Zur, 1/4/2011 
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Haaretz, "Staging of colorful light", Uzi Zur, 08/04/2006
Haaretz, "what's burning", Smadar Shefi, 17/11/2006
The medal, no. 41, Autumn, 2002
The medal, no. 37, Autumn 2000


Public Space Art projects
Dr. Rupin's portrait. Rupin academic center's sculptures garden
Levi Eshkol's portrait, Haifa university
Pinnochio”, sculpture at the Tel Aviv court, 2014.

Art Projects
1988, Restoration, archeological institute, Moldova
1989, Chumachenko's assistant, Moldova
1996-2004, M.N. foundry manager, Sdot Yam  kibbutz.
1996-2004, projects execution at A.P. foundry
Jan Rauchwerger – sculpture & model formation
Boris Schatz – restoration & sculptures enlargement for the entail managers
Naftali Bazam - sculptures restoration
Etrog Sorel – models formation and positioning at various international locations
The 3rd Temple, vessels for first atonement
The Israel Poland foundation – series of embossments and pope model sculpturing, for the pilgrimage site in Krakov and the Catholic Church in Jerusalem
Technical assistant for a Jim dine symposium at the Cabri etching workshop
Salona group member
Ram Katzir, "Tav Yad", permanent installation at the Herzelia contemporary art museum
Uriel Meron, a monument for the casualty of the Lebanon war, Yiron statues' garden, 2007
Philip Rantzer, kfar neter's square, 2003
Gideon Gechtman, Holon's traffic square
Assaf Lipshitz, Technion's memorial garden, environmental sculpturing at the Haifa refinery, "Azrieli portrait"  a monument for the casualty of the Nitzan brigade, Caesarea
Itzik Ben-Shalom - Ground for Sculptures, NJ, First Love, 2006
Yael Arzi – "Anchor", Pal Yam monument
Moti Mizrahi – "a meeting betwing Herzl and vilhelm Kaiser"' Mikve Israel, 2008; "easten kiss", Opera tower; Klal building interior design; "Roanda Casanova, Haifa art museum, 2000; "Aldonia", printing press square, Jerusalem, 1999;
Doron Rabina & Or Kadar – the Herzelia biennale, 2007
Gal Weinstein, "quaking",  Pamplona spain, 2007; "Hachula Valley", Helena Rubinstein, 2005; "Izrael valley", Herzelia contemporary art museum, 2002; "Nessi" Herzelia's outdoor project; "diver-warrior", Herzelia contemporary art museum, Armano de-Dichi gallery, Torino, Italy, haaretz art project, riding, 2002; "downhill", sculpture garden Yiron, Israel art museum, 2008
Shira Zelwer – fresh paint 2008 and a solo exhibition at the dolinger gallery, tel aviv 2007
Ofer Lalush – a monument for the jewish community in Komo Italy, Tel aviv museum,  2008
Translating comics drawings into iron sculptures, the Comics museum's status garden, Holon, 2008
Miri Segal, "Take a beam from between your eyes", Kamel Mennour gallery and Pompidu center Paris, 2009
Gal Weinstein, "Beside, Each, Other", Riccardo Crespi gallery, Milano, 2010




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