Entirely Burned,Naama Meishar,from:Blind Spot,group show catalogue, 2008

In this Blind Spot exhibition, Entirely Burned (2008), artist Sasha Serber 'planted' a boulevard of palm trees as a site specific installation. At this installation Serber presents an avenue of uprooted and burnt down polystyrene palm trees. In conjunction with landscape architects in Israel,  Serber  identifies  the replanted palm boulevards in Israel as a synthetic phenomenon lacking historical background or relevance. Serber, a native of the Turkish quarter of Kishinev in the Republic of Moldova, who was uprooted with his family and emigrated to Israel in 1992, brings into public consciousness, in an allegorical installation...

Pinocchio,Mira Lapidot,from:Signs of Life,group show catalogue,2008

Pinocchio, like Pygmalion, is a seminal story of animation. A carpenter carves a wooden puppet that comes to life the moment it is created. Pinocchio is a malevolent little puppet-boy who has a series of very horrid adventures. At the end of the story, he changes his ways, and in reward for his virtuous behavior he is granted real life and becomes a flesh- and- blood boy.
Sasha Serber seems to suggest a different ending: instead of becoming a living child, the wooden puppet ends up as a charred ember, a block of cinder. Serber carved his Pinocchio in Styrofoam and painted it black, creating a perfect illusion. Ironically, as a burnt from in death, Pinocchio looks heartbreakingly human

'Creativity encouragement award', Israel ministry of culture & sport,2010, from the catalogue

Oh,What a Beautiful Horrible Fire,Shani Dagan, from:I Am Romanian,group show catalogue,2011

Sasha Serber's primary childhood experiences are associated with the civil war in Moldova where he grew up until his immigration to Israel in 1973. These experiences brought forth his "aesthetic of violence and death," which is an essential and meaningful element in his works.Traces of the Grim Reaper's doings are visible in his cemetery sculptures and his imagery of Nature, forests, homes, boughs and furniture going up in flames.  According to serber-the dead thing are more alive 

Boratino,Helicon,The Ten Commandments,winter 2011

"Immigrated Artist, Personal Thoughts" by Sasha Serber, Erev-Rav Magazine, 2/2015

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