Wooden Pinocchio

Wooden Pinocchio, 2012, 145X45X50 cm
In the project, "Punished Pinocchio", the image of Pinocchio appears as a boy of eleven or twelve, as he stands facing the wall, similar to the punishment of children during the classical period of education. For the purpose of educating him, the child is placed in a standing position as he faces the wall. On one hand, he is isolated from his classmates, but on the other hand, he is publicly punished, marked as a criminal in the eyes of his classmates. As a result, he is doubly punished. The isolation and the marking are liable to be the fate of lawbreakers today. The image of Pinocchio brings me together with the tension between the will to develop individually and independently opposite society in which we live. Through the story of Pinocchio, I realize well the reasons and the interactions that lead people to break the law. In addition, I understand their difficulty in finding how to return themselves as "real children", flesh and blood, equal participants to the giving and receiving in society.
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